anna komarova



Trunks, electronics, audio.

Sound: Roman Golovko.

Site-specific installation creates the image of Another forest, devoid of the usual natural fauna. His inner life can be felt through an embrace: you touch a tree and feel that each has its own rhythm, beat, sound.
It is a dead and at the same time living forest, post-forest. Acquired or created by humanity, it is the result of human life on the planet. We create a special environment for plants to protect nature from our own influence. This forest speaks to us with the voices of nature, but these voices are synthesized by computer program, and the trees are suspended in the air and do not grow from the ground. This is a new cycle of life of the Forest.
The space is filled with noises and voices of people, birds, insects and the sounds of living nature: in each tree there is a sound-art composition corresponding to it, created by the method of modular and granular synthesis.