anna komarova



Total installation

Exploring the experience of a person’s being in different environment, I create a dark space where the spatial, tactile, sound sensations of a person come to the fore.

The loss of visual orientation causes us to perceive in a different way the environment, the objects around us.

Comprehending the position of a person in the world today, fears and instability, I reflect on the human environment and its changes, the changes of human’s perception and the way of life, the changes of the relationship between man and nature, man and his inner self.
I recreate the human environment today – the interior of a room filled with furniture, without which most city dwellers cannot imagine their existence – a table and chair, a bed, a sink, a stove, forest-patterned wallpaper, which are popular among many people – and I immerse all these objects into darkness. Making this familiar environment visible only by touch, I fill it with the sounds of natural phenomena, birds, various noises: when you touch this or that object in the room, you can feel, hear the sounds of various phenomena.

Thus, the “natural” human habitat familiar to us today turns over and becomes uncomfortable, “wild”, unsafe.

The installation was created within the «ColLab» program at The Vaults Centre for Artistic Production of the GES-2 House of Culture.