anna komarova



Installation. 13-channel audio, electronics

The exhibition space is a place that responds to every step of a person and his movement. Here, every movement evokes a sound response, recalling the context of this place, its memories, its possible future. The sounds of construction, conversations, destruction, collected here, sounded before and are still sounding, are mixed together into a single landscape.

This space begins to fill with the sounds of life and destruction only when the viewer moves through it. The absence of movement returns the space to a passive state of silence. This is how a person becomes a catalyst for various processes in general: he is able to fill any place with life or destroy it.

In this work I focus on non-visual ways of perceiving space: auditory, tactile, kinesthetic. The visual part of the project here is the architecture of the space itself, while the main element of the installation is multi-channel audio, located in different parts of the space and responding to the viewer’s movements using sensors.

Different sounds are launched in different parts of the space as the viewer moves through the installation and fades out when he leaves, after a few seconds. Speakers located at a distance from the sensors play audio at a point distant from where the viewer was moving. This is how the spatial perception of sound is activated, an attempt to find its source.

All tracks consist of samples recorded in and around the Elektrozavod gallery building. The sounds of the landscape surrounding the building are carried inside, the sounds of life inside the building are amplified and reproduced again and again.